What is awakening?

Many talk about awakening and how they or others are awakened or not. But what does awakening mean? Is it always the same, in all situations and for everyone? If you consider yourself to be on the path of awakening, what does it mean to you?

The picture I see when pondering this is a string of beautiful radiant pearls, where you touch one pearl after the other and get more and more clarity and light the more you touch, the more you awaken. I feel it in my heart, in my body and throughout my energy field. As a presence, as love and peace filling me.

This perspective to awakening is the activation and remembrance of our inner true essence. Of beingness, of oneness, of the experience of being outside of time and space.

Many years ago during a trip to the Rocky Mountains I spent some time at a magnificent emerald green mountain lake. Meditating up there I had a deep vision of a seed within my heart that was being activated and opened itself. The seed of remembrance, I was told.

This is something we all carry within, as an innate part of our core, just because we exist. All the separation, pain, suffering, longing and despair we have experienced in this life, in this body as well as what we carry in our ancestral and soul past, can melt away and be diffused into pure energy sparkles when this inner remembrance is activated. It is a wondrous experience of freedom, expansion, love and peace! For me it is the state of being that I keep returning to time after time when I lose my balance or inner connection in everyday life.

My path of awakening is a path where I strive to have more and more and also more extended moments of this state. Where I learn methods and techniques to bring me back, working through the layers of that which takes me out of this state.

Recently I was asked this question: What do you feel your true life purpose to be? My answer to this goes hand in hand with the above: To remember and activate my True Essence in physical form, embodying Source presence as a human.

I invite you to go within and touch this seed of remembrance in your heart, making it expand further and further! And if you would like assistance in the process, you are welcome to book a True Essence Activation.

With love

Ingrid Kronholm
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