Do an inner housecleaning and bring forward your True Self!

  • Do you feel you have something to contribute that you are not expressing?
  • That your inner voice is not heard?
  • That something is in the way, blocking you?
  • Are you ready to let go of loads of limitations?
  • Are you ready for change?

Then True Essence Activation is for you!

What is activated during a True Essence Activation?

This is a deep healing session in which you activate your True Self, the spark you have always carried deep in your heart. When this inner light fills you, you let go of energy you carry for others, old baggage you are holding on to and blockages of different kinds. I guide you in the process and you let go of as much as you are ready for, the more you let go of the bigger the change you will experience. This housecleaning gives you an incredible sense of freedom!

On what levels do you heal during the session?

During the session I anchor your Spirit Guides and Higher Self. Reconnecting to these aspects of ourselves is often a magical experience in and of itself and a part of aligning us as a human and soul. During the session you ground to Earth, allowing your body to relax and let go of a lot of tension. Your soul can then more easily land in your body.

How is your inner voice and intuition strengthened?

Often we have a mix of our own and other individuals’ energies in our energy field. You can liken this to having several TV-channels on at the same time, trying to listen to your own “channel” in the stream of sound and pictures. During the session you let go of what is not your own and anchor an upgraded energy field, tailored by your Higher Self. This housecleaning and relaunch gives you a new platform of clarity and truth. You will also have more energy and a more expanded consciousness than before.

True Essence Activation is for you who want to:
  • Let go of what is holding you back and experience the freedom it gives
  • Strengthen your inner voice and intuition
  • Expand your consiousness
  • Open your heart to more love and healing than you thought possible
  • Contribute to a better world by letting YOUR inner light shine through

This is not for everyone, but if you are ready for it, give yourself a deeply transformational session!

About the consultation

True Essence Activation is the core of 20 years of focused work, synthesized into a deeply transformational session, channeled through my Higher Self. In short, it is a thorough housecleaning and relaunch, from YOUR True Self.

The session is 60 minutes long and is delivered over phone.

Cost: 280 USD

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