Do you want to live your True Self?

We are in the middle of an exciting transformation here upon Earth. Many awaken and remember that we as humans are so much more than we have had access to before. And that we are so much more THAN humans! We are also the unique soul that exists beyond this current life and at the same time we are all ONE.

What do you activate during a True Essence Activation?

The evolution, or the ascension, is not about learning something new or becoming what we are not already. It is more about stopping to forget what we already carry within ourselves and are in our core. In a True Essence Activation you activate your true essence from deep within your own heart. This is your inner light that leads you “home”.

On what levels do you heal during the session?

In this evolution, which extends far beyond Earth, all parts of the whole receive the possibility to align and reunite. For you as a human, this means aligning your body and human self with your soul and the Source presence within you. During the session you also ground yourself to Earth on a cellular level, which allows your body to relax and let go of the experience of separateness and loneliness. Your soul anchors on a deeper level in your body, allowing for a merging between these two aspects of you as well.

Do you want to expand your consciousness?

When your true essence becomes activated and fills you, you let go of everything that is non-resonant. Your Higher Self in cooperation with your soul group then anchors an upgraded energy field, individually created from your own energy. This new energy field allows you to hold an expanded consciousness and more energy than before. This is why you also gather up lots of aspects of self to reunite with during the session.

Are you ready to take on your role here upon Earth?

Furthermore you align with Earth’s transformation, to surf the tide of evolution instead of resisting it. In this you resume the role you came here to hold, thereby contributing to the whole on a deeper level. And in the long run this is the only thing that gives us as humans a true sense of meaningfulness in life!

A consultation includes:

True Essence Activation is a healing session where I guide you through the process and anchor your Guidance to activate and expand your True Self and upgrade your energy field. A life changing and deeply transformational session!


True Essence Activation is 60 minutes, delivered over phone and costs 280 USD.

Anmäl dig till mitt nyhetsbrev och få en kort övning för att rena och balansera ditt energifält. Mycket användbar i vardagen!


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