How do you recharge your batteries?

After a month in New Zeeland I myself have received a dose of what I need. Sun, warmth, magical forests, hot springs, dolphins out in the open sea, Maori culture, hospitable individuals and overall a very interesting journey.

For me as an intuitive there are many powerful moments to carry within my heart. Like standing in the hustle and bustle at the airport in Auckland after 2 days of travelling and suddenly recognizing the presence of ancestors that greet me welcome to the land. To sense the tangible presence of consciousness in the forests and especially in the giant ancient trees, some upwards of 2000 years old. To receive messages from the water pouring out of the cliffs as waterfalls, flowing as streams from underground cave systems or rising as hot water or vapour from inside the earth. I carry many moments of tears in my eyes and an open heart and a deep sense of the sacredness of nature.

To travel can be a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and yourself with new experiences and impressions that make you expand and move forward in your inner process. But it does need some planning and often a certain amount of waiting. Luckily enough there is a lot we can do in our everyday life to fill ourselves with strength and energy. Like being with people we feel good around and feel inspired by, to go skiing through the forest, to meditate, to do yoga, to dance, to listen to music etc.

So the question is: Do you know what you need to recharge your batteries right now? And do you give yourself the time and space for it? Both with small things and big things. Otherwise it might be time to take a small break and reconnect to your heart, your gut feeling and your body asking yourself: What do I need now? What do I long for? What do I dream about? How can I already today give this to myself or take a step in that direction?

In this introspection we often need to let go of old beliefs of being unworthy of what we need, of not deserving it, that it is not time yet etc. If you feel stuck and would like some assistance in breaking through these old programs and restrictions you are welcome to contact me for a psychic reading, where we look at what blocks you from feeling good. For that is everyone’s innate natural right!

With love

Ingrid Kronholm
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