What do you need for the next step in your life?

My driving force is to assist others in being present within themselves and start living from the heart and this is the starting point in my readings. I channel communication from the client’s Higher Self and sometimes also their soul group and other beings they work with, consciously or in dreamtime when asleep.

What will be addressed in a consultation?

In a consultation I look at what is currently up in your life. We start from your questions or current problems. Restricting thoughtforms often emerge, your own or those absorbed from your surroundings. We are often more intertwined with others than we are aware of and through sorting out and disentwining energies, you become more true to yourself and strengthen your inner voice.

What can the cause of the problem be?

During the consultation I read your energy field to see where there are blockages and restrictions. Sometimes the root cause is from this life time and then we work upon those experiences, so that you can heal yourself deep within. Sometimes stories from a past life surface, allowing you to understand underlying patterns that affect you to this day. When you become aware of the cause, this makes it easier to change your current circumstances.

What will you receive to assist in your everyday life?

With 20 years of experience in personal/spiritual development I have gathered a working toolbox. Often I share techniques and tools that are useful to me in my everyday life. For example breathing exercises, exercises to sort out and balance energies, ways to work on the dream you want to manifest etc. All to allow you to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life!

About the consultation

The session is 60 minutes long and is delivered over phone. A recording of the consultation is included.

Cost: 140 USD

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