Do you have the courage to bring in the joy of life?

What is joy of life for you? How does it feel in your body when the life force and will to live are allowed to flow? And first and foremost, what is blocking you or holding you back from allowing the life force to flow?

Most people I meet started to shut down or reject their inner joy of living a long time ago, often already as a small child. There are as many reasons for this as there are experiences where we feel criticised or reprimanded when we express ourselves from the heart and as our entire self. We are social beings and very anxious to fit in to be included in the group.

For me it has been a long journey in my personal evolution to reach a place where I allow myself to bring in the pure clear joy of life into my body and my life. Different healing modalities, meditations and meetings with people have helped me reaching insights and opening more and more to what is a natural state of being. Nothing can live without life force! But why settle with the least possible flow? Why settle with only surviving and carrying on?

I think the lyrics to “the River” (Floden) with Bo Kaspers Orkester (originally written by Björn Eidsvåg) expresses it very beautifully. Not least the lines:

There is a well, a source of life in my own body
When I’ve drunken of that I’m filled with clarity and lost hope
Each time I’ve dared drinking of it I get whole and pure
And I feel a soothing light go through my body and soul

Now I wonder why I don’t drink more
Why, why when I know all the light and beauty it gives

I recommend you to listen to this very beautiful and powerful song. And let it assist you in opening the flow in your own heart! If you would like assistance with activating and expanding your own inner source you are welcome to book a True Essence Activation.

With love


Ingrid Kronholm
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