What blocks the flow in your life?

Or rather, why and how do YOU stop the flow in your life?

An open flow of love, life force, creativity, joy etc. is the natural state for everything alive. But why do we humans often have a hard time allowing ourselves the experience of this flow?

Often there are many layers of thoughtforms within us that state that we are not worthy of what we long for, that it is not okay to be happy when others in our life are not, that we will not allow ourselves to experience what we long for until we have accomplished this or that, that we will soon care more about our own wellbeing etc.

Layer upon layer these restricting thoughtforms are pinned by emotions and memories from our life, often originating in early childhood, or even past lives. When we bring these memories to the surface and understand how they still affect us, we can also understand what we can do differently right here and now. Through this we can break the patterning, release the blockages and bring in more of the abundance we long for, whether it is expressed as health, life force, loving relationships, money or something else.

To bring patterns and memories from the unconscious to our conscious mind is what is needed to expand our consciousness. A process in which we become aware of hidden aspects of ourselves as a part of our personal/spiritual evolution.

So where is the flow lacking in your life? And are you ready to release the blockages and open up to your natural flow? Book a consultation and I will assist you!

With love



Ingrid Kronholm
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