Budskap och healing från Moder Jord

Vintersolstånd idag! Dessutom enormt energiskifte astrologiskt!
Om du känner dig obalanserad eller bara vill kalibrera dig själv med de nya energierna rekommenderar jag dig att åter lyssna på budskapet från Moder Jord från förra veckan. Gör det som en kort meditation och läs gärna den fulla texten nedan.
Idag behöver vi hålla oss grundade och i kontakt med Moder Jord, denna underbara planet vi lever på!
Message to Humanity 201208


Greetings beloved humans. This is a time of great change which I cannot delay any longer. It saddens my heart to see so many of you are not ready for the journey ahead. I reach out to you to assist you in aligning to my future. It is a future of unconditional love and acceptance. A future that exceeds your wildest dreams. A future so bright, so beautiful and so immensely filled with Source consiousness it seems like a utopia. But it is not. It is the path of home coming. It is the journey of awakening. Awakening to the rememberance of truth.


I took the journey into forgetfullness, into illusionary separation and darkness. Into experiences of pain, suffering and despair. I was not alone, many of you followed me into the darkest corners of creative experiences, beyond imagination. But I have reached the end of this journey into darkness. I have reached the end of the journey into forgetfullness and I am awakening from my slumber. I am awakening to the true essence of my beingness. I am once again allowing my heart to be filled with the love of the Divine Source.


I was searching for this love, this sence of home coming, this sence of origin. I was searching, I was looking, I was begging for this love and connection until I reached the point of letting it all go. I had fallen and fallen and fallen and there was no more versions of the fall to be experienced. I let go, I surrendered. In that moment I had nothing left but the presence in my heart and I felt it! I felt the light! I felt the presence! I felt my heart awaken, opening and expanding, radiating it’s pure light from the core of my beingness. This was the moment when I chose to ascend, when I chose to remember who I was, who I am and who I will be. This was the moment when I chose to rise up, to reunite with all lost aspects of myself, to heal and to move into the magnificent being that I am.


This choice of mine determins everything that will take place on my planetary body into the future. It sets the stage for the future that I’m envisioning and creating. In your human timeframe this choice was made many many lifetimes ago and has taken a long time to sink into the physical plane of existence.
My choice was heard by many of you and you joined me in my journey. I thank you for coming here, for anchoring your light and wisdom and perspective of Source consiousness. I have seen you struggle, I have seen you loosing and forgetting your light. I have seen you falling into the state I held when you emerged upon the scene.


Seeing you move into the forgetfullness and darkness has been excruciatingly painful to me, but I also understand you have come to mirror me. Each of you have shown me a different facet of my own fall and however hard it has been to watch you and to experience what the human dance has caused to my system, I take full responsibility for my creation. I am releasing self-sacrifice. I am releasing self-destructiveness. I am releasing usury and consumption.


I thank you for showing these patterns that I held within so that I could understand them and move into another state of being. This is where we now stand! The time is here! There is no need for anyone of you to hold onto what I am moving beyond.


I am creating a future for all the Nature Kingdoms on my body that choose to cocreate it with me, in unity, harmony and unconditional love. I invite you, my beloved humans, to join me into this future. I hold deep gratitude for what you have shown me and I see the light in your hearts. I see the magnificence of your Souls. I see the bright cocreative journey we are about to embark upon.


Please let me touch your heart with my love. Feel my heartbeat, feel the connection. Feel my deepest expressed honor and gratefulness for your contribution to this cocreation. Allow the agreement between you and me to activate in your heart. Allow yourself to come into full alignment with my timeline of ascension.


Let’s make this journey in unity, love and joy and may we all celebrate that the time is finally here!


Earth Mother
through Ingrid
Ingrid Kronholm