About me

As a child I took the path towards a music career. For many years I was fulfilled as a professional musician and music teacher, but as the years passed I felt something was missing.

During a weekend workshop in healing and channeling my entire world opened up for me! I took a U-turn in life and began taking yoga lessons, attend workshops in spiritual self-development and spent time in the Rocky Mountains and Hawaii. After a while I myself was giving spiritual workshops and psychic phone consultations. I also met my husband and 2004 our son was born.

During the years I have offered psychic consultations, meditations, workshops, talks and craniosacral treatments. My driving force is to assist others in becoming present and start living from their heart and the most beautiful to me is to see the light being lit in somebody’s eyes!

I am looking forward to working with You on your path towards deeper health, joy and fulfillment in life!

Ingrid Kronholm

True Essence Activation
Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner
Certified Craniosacral Therapist

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