Do you surf on the wave of change or do you resist it?

Most of us do both! We meditate, do mindfulness exercises and yoga, eat healthy etc. to raise our vibration and expand our consciousness. At the same time we keep to our “story” of who we are, our identities and the roles we play in relation to other humans. We keep to our story about how and why we have become who we are and don’t believe that it is possible to change this. We identify with our human self and forget that we are so much more at our core. That our Soul and Higher Self are not limited to time and space. That life in 3D as a human is only one of many experiences we undertake to explore our true essence.

In this transitional period, when we each make a choice whether to evolve, expand and raise our frequency to become a part of a new way of living here upon Earth, or stay in the old familiar ways, the difference between our future possible paths are larger than ever.

We humans have a tremendous potential in our DNA and in our Higher Self. When we activate this, upgrade ourselves and embrace both guidance and healing from our Higher Self an exponential evolution occurs. We change the way we perceive ourselves and the world and open our eyes for completely new future possibilities. This is what I mean with surfing the wave and fully embracing what is now being opened to.

So what do you do to move into the flow of this change and the higher frequency and consciousness that is getting stronger for each day here upon Earth? How do you become aware of the patterning, programming and your traumas from this and previous life times that make you stuck in old patterns? What tools and techniques do you use to reach inward to understand more of yourself? To let the human self take a step back allowing the soul to live your life? Maybe you would like some assistance on your path and if so, you can read about what I offer in my consultations.

For me meditation and spending time in nature is the foundation. And of course relationships with like minded people with whom I can share experiences and inspiration. Because it is not always an easy path diving deep into oneself to release the blockages that sit in the way for joy, balance, abundance, love, creativity etc. But it is so rewarding and the most exciting thing there is if you ask me!

With love

Ingrid Kronholm
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