Do you own your power?

Why is it so hard for many of us to hold on to and express our power? Why are we so afraid of being seen, being noticed, being heard and basically of making an impression?

A big reason for this here in the Scandinavian countries is what we call “the law of Jante”, a part of the collective consciousness since centuries ago. We all know what it states and especially how it feels or is experienced when we think thoughts such as “I shall not think that I am special” “I have no contribution of any worth” “I am not good enough”.

When we go into that kind of thoughtforms and patterning we give up some of our power and strength. We make ourselves less than what we are and also shrink our energy field. All to be less seen. Maybe to avoid criticism, sarcastic comments, jealousy etc.

What if we instead owned our inner power and strength! If we allowed our own true essence to shine through us with full power! So what we have to contribute can radiate through us and turn into actions in our physical reality.

To experience true meaningfulness and fulfilment, this is the only way to live. To simply be whom we truly are and let that shine through in all that we do and in all that we are. But then it also needs to be fuelled by our inherent power.

And have you thought about what happens to the power you relinquish and let go of? When we diminish ourselves in relation to somebody else the power ends up with them and they grow, at least temporarily. When we reject our power it is not dissolved. It just ends up somewhere else…

Many times we reject the power to avoid power plays, positioning ourselves, making decisions, showing the direction etc. We have all seen many examples of misuse of power in all different forms. We really do not want to go into such patterns or being accused for it, so just in case we hold ourselves back.

But where does the power we reject end up? Well, often with those who misuse it. It is sent as a hot potato from one to another until it finally reaches someone who loves power and gladly hoards and expresses power. Who becomes bigger and bigger. And what does that lead to in our society? Not a society that we actually want to create, or do we?

So if you recognise yourself in this, start holding on to your power. Stand tall in who you are and dare owning your power. Allow yourself to experience how it feels to fill your heart with your own radiating energy, carried forth with full power. Notice the changes in your life and how you can inspire others in doing the same. In this way we can create new relationships together and a new way of living, where we are true to ourselves and dare being whom we really are, with full power! If you would like assistance in the process I recommend a True Essence Activation, a healing session where you activate and expand your own inner source.

With love



Ingrid Kronholm
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