Do you find your balance in a wobbling world?

A lot is happening around us at this time! Truths are surfacing and the question is: Who can we trust? What information, which individuals, what old truths? What should we hold on to and what is it time to let go of? And how can we influence the change in a positive direction? What can you and I contribute with?

In all of this it is more important than ever to find our own inner balance, so that we can return to this state when we lose it, time after time. This is extremely important for our own wellbeing, but it is also true that when we take care of ourselves, this balance and harmony is spread to others in our surroundings, as ripples on the water. When we’re in balance it is also easier for us to hear and follow our own inner voice, in the heart, that shows us the path forward.

One step to finding balance is to let go of attachments to that which we hold on to. It can be about sorting through our belongings and letting go of old stuff we don’t need any more. It can be about letting go of certain relationships that don’t make us feel good or to change the conditions of them. It can be about changing our diets and exercise habits to take better care of our physical body and health.

It can also be about letting go of our old truths about how things are. When we choose to be more open to new perspectives and dare seeing with open eyes, it becomes easier to keep our balance and a positive approach to the changes that occur on a larger scale around us. Think about a soft straw of grass that can move with the wind or a stiff one that cracks if the wind gets rough.

A good introduction if you want to get insights into how the world is run and how different elements go together (education, pharmaceutical industry, banking, media, energy and food production etc.) is the film below. It supposedly has had more than 80 million views at this time! Maybe you are already one of those who have watched it and then you get a reminder here to spread it. I myself watched it a couple of years ago and my then 11 year old son found it so interesting that he watched it again on his own!


To find your inner balance, breathing exercises, meditations and mindfulness exercises of different kinds can be of huge assistance. There is nowadays loads of techniques and directions and the important thing is that it works for you. So go ahead and try out different modalities until you find what fits you. And if you would like assistance and tips on your journey, please contact me for a consultation.

With love

Ingrid Kronholm
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