What do you need to let go of to spread your wings?

We all have the possibility of reaching more of our full capacity, of embodying more of our true potential. But in order to do that we need to change, to let go of parts of our old self and transform into our new. So how can we do that?

An example of what we might need to change is our relationships with others. It is hard to open to more of our inherent power and joy if we keep giving it away and sacrifice ourselves to others. If we perceive this pattern within and change it we can start holding on to our power and joy of life to manifest our own life. We can then open to new paths and possibilities for a meaningful life that gives us more joy.

Here in the Scandinavian countries we have a strong collective consciousness connected to what we call “the law of Jante”. Adjusting to it makes many of us hold ourselves back in order to not seem superior or larger than anyone else.  The comparison with others and the thought of how they perceive us make many diminish and restrict themselves, out of fear of being met by jealousy or criticism.

What if we all decided to blossom, expand and bring our true self forward instead? To actualize ourselves and through that inspire others to do the same. What a different world we would create!

If we hold a strong intent to grow and evolve, that which stands in the way within us will make itself known, so that we can leave it behind. We will become aware of friction in relationships, that we do not enjoy some circumstances in our life and that we need to take action to change ourselves and the situation we are in. Not until we do that will we create the space we need to grow.

Think about a butterfly. To be able to transform into a butterfly and spread its wings it needs to leave behind its caterpillar state becoming a new self.

So what do you choose? Do you let go of the parts who do not support you on your path forward and do you allow yourself to transform? Transformation is the foundation of personal/spiritual evolution and you are welcome to book a consultation to assist you in your process!

With love

Ingrid Kronholm
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