How important is the intention when you sort through your energy?

According to me the intention is extremely important! Our intentions set the stage and state what can be in our reality. When your intentions are clear you also become aware of yourself as creator and the very powerful consciousness you have!

If you intend to sort through your energies thinking about someone you have met during the day, you sort through the recent intertwinings between you. If you instead intend to sort through the energies between you throughout time and space, which means throughout this entire life and all previous interactions on all levels, then this is what is done. The more specific you are in your intention, the more efficiently the energy is sorted through.

In this process you can also use muscle testing of some kind or a pendulum. Ask questions like: “Have I given away or lost some of my energy to X?” “Have I taken on some of X energy?”. Ask the same question when it comes to information, consciousness, grief or anything else that pops up into your mind. In this you simply trust your intuition and ask the questions that come to mind. On one level you already know what is true.

From my own experience of it, I find that sorting through intertwinings works best when they are triggered by interacting with the person. Then we have opened the lid and experience the intertwining in one way or the other. That means we can reach a layer that was not available for us to work on previously. And maybe it is not until now that you have had the tools and awareness to do something about what you earlier only experienced the consequences of.

The same is also true on a group level, where we can be intertwined with a group of people. Maybe some of your relatives, your school class, the colleagues at a work place or the choir you sang in as a teenager. Until the moment you release the intertwinings, they are still there, whether or not you have met the individuals for many years or not. This is something that continuously surprises my clients during consultations and often leads to important personal insights. If you want to experience this kind of breakthrough and still do not trust your own psychic abilities, please contact me for a psychic reading.

You can also go deep into sorting through energies yourself, trying it out to see what you will find. I often say it is like being your own energy detective. And most often it is absolutely unbelievable how much you find!

With love

Ingrid Kronholm
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