How do you create enjoyable interactions with family and friends?

Through sorting through energies in advance!

I often look at humanity as a large intertwined ball of yarn. We are all intertwined to one degree or another with friends and acquaintances, neighbours, colleagues, old schoolmates and foremost with partners, family and relatives. But how can we disentwine our own thread from this ball? And how can we know who we are intertwined with?

One sign is that you get emotionally triggered when spending time with, communicating with or even thinking about particular individuals. That can mean that what lays dormant under the surface is activated and you feel what is actually there all the time. For example if you carry your sister’s anger or your father’s grief, this can surface when you engage with them. You simply show yourself what you are carrying around.

If you on the other hand have given away of your own emotions, energies, power or something else, this will also surface in engaging with them. It might rather be experienced as irritation or frustration, because you feel they have something that belongs to you.

It is then important to remember that no one can take anything from you if you do not give it to them! So search within yourself for the reason. Do you want them to feel joy and therefore you give your joy away? Do you want them to have the courage to make a change and therefore you give your power and courage away? Or do you simply give to be embraced and loved?

Through understanding WHY you take on from others or give away to others, you can release your patterns which are at cause of the intertwining. I you feel you need some support in this please contact me for a psychic reading. The actual process of sorting through the energies releases the symptoms of your patterns. And in this process you will come to understand yourself on a deeper level and become more WHOLE and TRUE to yourself!

So do your homework before any interaction with others and radiate your own unique energy through your heart. Maybe you also inspire others in finding it within themselves!

With love

Ingrid Kronholm
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