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I am passionate about assisting others in their journey into the heart, to activate the inner light we all carry within. If you would like assistance with upgrading or balancing your energy field, reading your Soul origin and history or getting a psychic reading you are most welcome to contact me!


With love
Ingrid Kronholm

Psychic Reading

What do you need for the next step in your life?

In a consultation I look for what is currently up for you. We start from your questions or current problems. I also share communication from your Higher Self.

All with the focus on your wellbeing!


True Essence Activation

Do you want to anchor your True Self?

True Essence Activation is a healing session that activates your original consciousness, grounds you on a cellular level, expands and upgrades your energy field and aligns you to the ascension of Earth.

Soul Realignment®

Who are you at soul level? And how can you express it as a human?

Through reading your akashic records I can give you information about what blocks your full potential from being expressed and assist you in getting more flow in life.


Alternate Tuesdays at 8AM PST starting January 15, 2019

Join me for guided meditations on many different topics. In each show there is also time for you to call in for a psychic mini reading, where I become a channel for your Higher Self.

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Anmäl dig till mitt nyhetsbrev och få en kort övning för att rena och balansera ditt energifält. Mycket användbar i vardagen!


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