Who are you at soul level?

  What are your soul’s unique gifts and talents?
  What characterizes your soul group?
  How can you express this in your life?
  What past lifetimes block your potential?

Receive information about this in a Soul Realignment®-consultation!

Soul Realignment®

Who is your soul?

In a Soul Realignment®-consultation I read your soul records to get information about your soul’s origin and history. In these akashic records, as they are also referred to, I can see what soul group you belong to, what energetic qualities your soul is made of and what specialization it has. Maybe you wonder what energies, gifts and talents your unique soul brings to Earth? Or what life lesson it has chosen for this life? All of this I can share with you in a consultation. 

How do you block your potential?

Often though, there are blocks and restrictions that don’t allow your soul potential to be expressed in your everyday life. These blockages are often rooted in past life traumas and then the patterns are repeated life time after lifetime and still affect you to this day. Maybe you are aware of the patterns, but don’t know their root cause.

How can you release your blockages and live from your heart?

I share with you about the past lifetimes I perceive as the cause. We discuss how you in your everyday life can make new decisions and new choices, in order to break the old patterns that block your true potential from being fully expressed. In doing so, you open to more life force energy, joy and love and not least flow into your life. Everything to make it meaningful and fulfilling to you!

Become aware of your soul’s origin and potential!

Release the blockages from past lives and live your true self!

Soul Realignment® is for you who want to:

  Become aware of your soul’s unique truth and potential


  Learn to know yourself on a deep level


  Let go of blockages from past lifetimes


  Let your soul guide your life and manifest its’ unique truth


  Find the joy and meningfulness in living your truth


About the consultation

A consultation includes:

My preparation work in doing the actual reading

A one hour phone consultation

A recording of the session

Kostnad: 2 800 SEK


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